Anna Saint of Swans

Anna Pavlova 01Anna Pavlova 09Anna Pavlova 05Anna Pavlova 07Anna Pavlova 02

My new piece ‘Anna Saint of Swans’ is inspired by the world famous Russian prima ballerina Anna Pavlova (1882-1931) who performed The Dying Swan in Tchaikovsky’sl Swan Lake. Anna had a couple of pet swans and the photo here has been the inspiration for this doll

She is available in my shop


  1. Stacey Towns

    Will you be making another? I see she sold.

    1. Pantovola

      Hi Stacey, apologies for this late reply, I had missed your comment. I am afraid I don’t make seconds, but thank you for asking 🙂 Best wishes, Anouk P

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