heirloom doll

I offer bespoke Memorial Dolls and Heirloom Dolls uniquely made for you,
incorporating your personal belongings and materials that are of importance to you and /or your family
Its creation takes place in close association with you.
The result is a one of a kind Art Doll that will carry family heirlooms, history and memories into the future,
to be preserved and treasured by new generations.

For these dolls I take inspiration from the beautiful Mourning Art of the Victorian Era,
who made a true art of the spiritual after life.

To make this doll personal and special,
to pass on family pieces or to remember a special person who passed away,
I incorporate personal belongings and materials provided by the client, into the piece.
Think of textiles such as clothing, handkerchiefs and evening gloves, jewelry, gemstones, a letter / photograph,
anything of emotional importance can be eternalised in the piece.

Have a look here to see how I create a Memorial or Heirloom Doll

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