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I hope you are all keeping cozy and warm on this gloomy Sunday!
The past week I worked on some new illustrations,
after an idea I had to use the shape of a woman in a big dress, as my canvas for the illustration.
I have used this idea in some of my dolls already, but wanted to explore it further in paintings and drawings as well.
The story is now told from the perspective of the beholder of the dress,
and I hope you like these two first designs “Spirit of the Woods” and “Girl and the Summer Birds”

folk art

I offer these images as my usual lovely giclée prints in my etsy shop,
but in the very near future you can expect them printed on usable objects such as linen tea towels, decorative cushions, Tea/Coffee cosies and DIY dolls which can be finished at home. (Thank you all for your feedback on this after my latest facebook and instagram post on this subject!)
As a great lover of folk art and outsider art, this was a logical step to make. This way I hope my work will become available to more people, which in the end, is what it is all about.. Art for All!
I have found a wonderful family run company in Ireland who I will be working with, who print on beautiful high quality fabrics such as linen, bamboo and natural cotton, all responsibly sourced.
I will of course continue creating my ooak dolls and textile pieces as well, these products are simply and extension to my offerings.
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