Doll studio turned Photo studio

This weekend was one of full circle, wrapping up two months of creating, sore fingers and no social life what so ever (a true joy for me in fact!)

Not only was there a splendid full moon including eclipse,

it was also time to take photographs of my first real collection of dolls

which I made for a somewhere very special and top secret (to be revealed in October!)

Because these photographs are also for publication (again for a something special and secret, to be revealed in February!) I had to make sure I did a good job

My lovely man creature happens to be a keen photographer and helped me buy the appropriate lighting kit (day light studio light bulbs that come with soft boxes)

He also showed me how to use my camera to get the most out of it.

I use a 50mm lens that lets in lots of light and is especially wonderful for shooting products and getting real close for details.

So, we turned my sewing studio into a photo studio and spend all day shooting




It was a new experience for me with a lot of technicalities I rather not deal with on a daily basis, but it was worth it, the photo’s turned out very good I think.

More about their publication soon!

Tomorrow I will be taking my collection on a train South,

again, more about that soon also …

x Anouk

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