Mairéad Moth Fae


Mairéad Moth Fae is a textile art doll handmade using cotton and vintage textiles.

On her chest I hand painted and embroidered a big moth with its wings spread wide, ready to take flight.

Moth Fairies are recurring creatures in my work, they possess a small amount of magical powers which they use by sending their moths out into the nightsky, taking with them well wishes for those who the Moth Fairy favors.


Her beautiful fabric face is needle sculpted and stained with coffee

Facial features are delicately painted with soft water colors.


Her long soft golden hair is made with tussah silk,

produced by silkworms that live in the wild forest in trees found in South Asia, eating the leaves of the trees they live on.


Her body is adorned with bits of beautiful embroidery and some golden details.


The moth on her chest is made using bits and bobs of vintage textiles, hand painted with water colors and gold

art doll in the making


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