Theatre of Tales: a new collection and its fantastical story

Happy Saturday!

Just wanted to introduce my new collection here, for those who missed it on social media last Thursday: The Theatre of Tales a Curious Life Story

A brand new collection I created of twelve textile dolls and sculptures telling a fantastical tale of a small traveling theatre and its curious adventures.
The entire story can be viewed here on my website, just click the blue moon to be directed there now:

This collection is home to twelve pieces,
and I’d like to briefly introduce them here to you.
There are a few pieces still available in my etsy shop, you can click on their image to view more information
Thank you and I hope you will have a marvelous weekend ahead of you! x P x




  1. Fabulous!!! A perfect venue for your fertile imagination. It’s good that today my wifi is allowing me to get caught up on reading my fav blogs. I was unplugged for few weeks during my recent move to a retirement apartment while they were working on their equipment. It’s a treat to see what you’ve been up to!

    1. Pantovola

      thank you! I am glad you enjoy the blog 😌

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