The Memorial Doll

The Memorial Doll is a piece that is made to honor and commemorate someone dear,
this can be a family member or friend, but also a pet.
For such a doll I can incorporate materials provided by the client,
such as heirloom pieces, textiles, lock of hair, garments, jewels, old letters and photographs,
anything that is important and relevant to who it is the doll is made for and the story it will tell.

Memorial Dolls come in many shapes and sizes and are designed in close association with the client. It is helpful to receive some information on who it is the doll is made in memory of.
The doll is not necessarily made to resemble the person as such, but more as a relic, a way to tell a story and preserve their memory and what they mean to you, in a personal, sensitive and unique way. There are many ways in which the memories can be incorporated in this type of doll,
here are just some examples for you:

•With textiles and haberdashery you send me, such as pieces of clothing, an evening glove, a silk scarf, lining from an old suitcase and so forth, I can create the clothing for the doll.

•Jewelry, photographs, a letters, a postcard, any kind of special object which is not too large, can be displayed within a small space in the doll's chest. I can create little diorama's within the doll itself, in which I can display small, sacred items. The diorama can be protected with a glass 'window', which will be beautifully worked into the doll.

•Embroidery can be used to work text onto the doll, such as a name, date or small poem

•A lock of hair can be displayed as a braid on the doll

Due to the personal nature of these pieces, images of Memorial Dolls will not be shared on my website or social media, unless you have given me your specific consent to do so.

Prices for Memorial Dolls start at 375 Euro