The Heirloom Doll

The Heirloom Doll is a special doll that can be passed on from generation to generation,
one which will carry special family pieces which otherwise might get lost or left unappreciated. This doll offers a special way to bring together some (family) history and stories, maybe even secrets, into one art piece, so it can be treasured and preserved for the future.

To make this doll a Heirloom Doll, I will incorporate your 'heirloom' items and objects that are provided by you. There are numerous ways in which this can be done and imagination is the only limit, but here are some examples so you can get an idea of what is possible:

•With textiles and haberdashery you send me, such as pieces of clothing, an evening glove, a silk scarf, lining from an old suitcase, I can create the clothing for the doll.

•Jewelry, photographs, a letter, a postcard, any kind of special object which is not too large, can be displayed on the doll. For instance this can be done within a small space in the doll's chest.
I can create a little diorama within the doll itself, in which small, special items, can be displayed as if they were relics. The diorama can be protected with a glass 'window', which will be beautifully worked into the doll.

•Embroidery can be used to display a special piece of text onto the doll, such as a name, date or small poem.

Prices for Heirloom Dolls start at 375 Euro, and vary due to size and specifics