The Worry Doll

The Worry Doll has been made and used since ancient times.
They are also known by the name of Trouble Dolls, in Spanish they are known as Muñecas Quitapenas.
Worry Dolls are small dolls, hand-made with wire and colorful thread. They originate from Guatemala and are also found in Mexico. One would tell their worry or trouble to the little doll and place the doll under ones pillow. In the morning the worry would be away!
I fondly remember making my own worry dolls with a sock filled with dried herbs and cotton wool. I would write my childly troubles on a little note and hide it in the cloth of these dolls.

These days I like to make my Worry Dolls a little bit bigger than I used to,
so I can incorporate more details in the doll. They carry small handmade pouches in which you can put your troubles away, the doll will take care of them!

This Worry Doll above is called Lulu, she was the first of a growing collection of Worry Dolls.
But note that each doll will be entirely different from the next.
I do not use patterns and because I use second hand fabrics, I hardly use the same ones twice.
My worry dolls are approx 40 cm's tall and all handmade with cotton and hand painted features.
Her clothes are second hand fabrics and lace, vintage buttons and lovely details.
Her hair is made with natural fibres such as sheep's fleece or mohair.

One Worry Doll costs 150 GBP plus shipping
You can order yours by emailing me at or fill out the custom doll form here