Custom Made Art Dolls

If you like the idea of having a Textile Doll or Sculpture made for you,
I offer a few custom made options.
On this page you will be able to read a bit about the following:

•Guardian Witch Doll
•Heirloom Doll & Art
Memorial Doll & Art

Guardian Witch Dolls

The Guardian Witch Doll is an idea I came up with when I wanted to make myself a doll to keep.
I wanted to make her with the intention of having protective powers and goodness.
This here doll on the left is another Witch Doll I made, she is called Virginia.
She is a simple and kind herb witch,
a kind of mother figure.
Her body is filled with some dried lavender and she holds a special sachet around her neck filled with dried sage.
Guardian Witch Dolls can come in many shapes and sizes though,
and in this case it is up to you what you want your Witch Doll to say.

I am always happy to provide sketches before making the actual piece.

And this is the magical Lady Lucyana Covetheart.
A Guardian Witch Doll I created for a very special lady.
This doll came to existence after many conversations with the client,
in which stories, dreams and ideas were exchanged.
I made sketches of the doll and her dress until we came to a final design.
Then I made her out of textile and lots of hand embroidered designs,
such as a golden crescent moon on the chest of the doll,
and many blue and gold flowers on the skirt.
Her hair is made with soft mohair and her face is 3D and needle sculpted.
Then stained with coffee and some watercolor details.

Heirloom Dolls & Art

The idea of the Heirloom Doll is to pass on family pieces, or just things that are important to you, your family and loved ones, within one artwork.
Think of old table cloths and pre-owned garments such as I used in this doll on the left.
Your Heirloom Doll could wear family jewellery, have a photo encased on the chest, have text embroidered, carry secrets within the dolls body, letters, special herbs or scents and so on.
This can be done in the shape of a textile doll, but also for instance as a Heirloom Box or beautiful padded frame, in which the pieces are sewn into and decorated with for instance embroidery of names and dates, or a special phrase.
Whatever it is you might want to keep safe and pass on to future generations within one beautiful item, there will be a way that suits.

Memorial Dolls & Art

The Memorial Doll is a piece that is made to honor and or remember a person or animal.
For such a doll I work with materials provided by the client,
these can be heirloom pieces, textiles, garments, jewels, old letters, anything that was or is important/relevant to who it is the doll is made for.
There is the option of having personal items beautifully put together within a frame or memory box too.

Of course there is an exchange of ideas and wishes first and sketches will be made prior to the piece.

This is a small memory doll of a beloved pet,
I made her using photographs of the dog.
She is only wee, and can be worn as a brooch too,
keeping the memory even closer to the heart

for more information or to request your custom made piece,
please fill out my custom request form
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