doll artist
stitching a Moth Fairy… photo by Isabel McCabe

All my textile sculptures and art dolls are made by hand by myself in my home studio

art studio

I love collecting old things, always have done, and especially used textiles and vintage haberdashery come in handy when creating my fabric fairytale world

vintage memories


The best purchase I have ever made must have been my 70’s vintage sewing machine,

she never fails me and has been helping me sew the big bits since 2016

vintage sewing

After the outlines have been stitched,

all the rest I do by hand; painting, embroidery, dress making and keeping the finished dolls and creatures happy and content…feeding hem plenty of little cakes and cups of tea before they set out on their, often long,  journeys..

textile doll hands
needle sculpting the fingers
needle sculpting
and needle sculpting the nose
choosing fabrics for the dress of ‘Madam Violet’

The fabrics are often hand painted, and I can spend an entire afternoon rummaging through them to find the right textiles to use for a dress or ruff or lace edge of a slipper…

victorian pin cushion
braiding thread

doll shoes

And it is true what they say: “The Devil is in the details”

Luckily I happen to love spending hours and hours on those tiny details,

getting lost in a miniature world, creating a fantastical dream land, stitch by stitch

textile art
Winter Collection 2017

To read more about my work process and inspiration,

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