Moïra the Moth Poët

…Those who hid behind the shadows
now have come out to see
They carry with them knowledge of darkness
from which the light was born to be…

Moïra the Moth poet, a ooak art doll sculpture, is made with a gorgeous antique book, cloth, clay, mohair and paper cut out moths.

Her arms are soft, her hands are made of clay, as are her head and shoulders and feet. The clay has been treated with a crackle medium, giving it its antique doll style appearance.

The fabric of her skirt has been dyed in coffee and stiffened, so the shape of the skirt is permanent.

Her wig is made with beautiful gold blond mohair, a delicate, natural fiber.

Her feet are not attached, so they can be placed in different places under the skirt.

She measures approx 14.5″ inches wide and 10″ inches high