The Gate Keepers


These are The Gate Keepers.
They play an important role in the tale of the Forgotten Forest.
The two nymph sisters are made of cotton and have braids made of soft mohair.
Their ‘portraits’ hang on each side of an old gold colored mirror,
which I found in an antique shop.
Lots of detail is worked into the gold material, which I believe to be brass.
The braids of the two nymphs are woven into each other, and their collars are made of really gorgeous antique lace.
The ivy is created with paper tape, wire and paint.
The measurements including the white branches on the top are: 43 cm’s tall (17″)
The piece hangs from a string on the back

To read about this collection and the tale that goes with it,
please visit the Forest here:


My art dolls are not intended to be toys and should be handled with care.
Keep them away from water and direct sunlight as much as possible.
Pieces can be carefully dusted with a dry clean cloth.
Due to small parts they are not suitable for young children.
Textiles can get damaged by moth infestation, keep your house moth free.
If you think your art piece may have been in touch with moths,
I advice you to wrap the piece in a clean cloth and freeze it for 2/3 days.
Then remove from freezer for a day and repeat.

Shipping Upgrades
Standard Shipping does not cover for loss or damage during shipping. Please choose for a shipping upgrade to cover and protect your shipment for loss or damage. When shipped with standard shipping, Pantovola cannot be held responsible for any issues during shipping, thank you for understanding.

Gift Wrapping and Packaging
My dolls come gift wrapped in white tissue and customised satin ribbon. Packaged in bubble wrap and shipped in a postal box.

Wholesale Availability
Sometimes I do sell wholesale.
Wholesale starts at 10 pieces and up and will be sold at a reduced price when bought at once.
The reduction will depend on the quantity of pieces ordered.
Because of the handmade unique nature of my work, I do not accept wholesale requests for less than 10 pieces.
Please get in touch via email with any wholesale requests

Custom and Personalised Orders
Pantovola occasionally accepts custom orders.
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