The Bone Collector


During Summer Solstice,
The Bone Collector offers the bones she collected from the river banks and forests to the midnight sun,
and so she brings their souls back to life.
Unborn wishes and forgotten desires sprout up towards the solstice sun and melt into the coolness of the moon.
On their journey they dance over rainbows, onto droplets resting on leaves, breathing to the rhythms of the summer drum.
For these moments only, the souls rejoice, dancing joyfully among the living.
With not a care in the world they eat the midnight light and bath under the soft pale moon.
Until soon again, the darkness will reclaim their souls, cooling their warm breath,
so it leaves frost on the morning flowers.

This doll was inspired by the story ‘The Bone Collector’
from the marvelous book ‘Women Who Run With Wolves
by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

This is a clay art doll of a girl in the stage between death and life,
repeating the cycle we all know by soul.

She carries a little pouch containing three small skulls,
and wears a glass bead necklace.
Her limbs are joined with ribbon, her clothing is made with vintage textiles and lace.
For her hair I used Teeswater Fleece, grey and brown, tied together with two bones.

She measures 49 cm’s and can sit freely without support.

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My art dolls are not intended to be toys and should be handled with care.
Keep them away from water and direct sunlight as much as possible.
Pieces can be carefully dusted with a dry clean cloth.
Due to small parts they are not suitable for young children.
Textiles can get damaged by moth infestation, keep your house moth free.
If you think your art piece may have been in touch with moths,
I advice you to wrap the piece in a clean cloth and freeze it for 2/3 days.
Then remove from freezer for a day and repeat.

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Gift Wrapping and Packaging
My dolls come gift wrapped in white tissue and customised satin ribbon. Packaged in bubble wrap and shipped in a postal box.

Wholesale Availability
Sometimes I do sell wholesale.
Wholesale starts at 10 pieces and up and will be sold at a reduced price when bought at once.
The reduction will depend on the quantity of pieces ordered.
Because of the handmade unique nature of my work, I do not accept wholesale requests for less than 10 pieces.
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