textile art


Talula   (Guardian Witch Doll)

Talula 06


Anna Saint of Swans

Saint of Swans 02

The Wicked Wolf

The Wicked Wolf 08

Spring Moth

Moth 04



Thysania 05


Love Lorn Doll

Be Gentle 08


The Man and the Bird

Man and Bird 05


Wolf Woman of the Woods

Wolf Woman of the Woods 02


The Big Man and his Sadness

Big Man and his sadness 07


Love Lorn Lady

Alone with Me02

Jezebel the Black Swan

swan doll




Vera ‘I am made of Milk and Honey’

textile art doll



Madchen 01

Pantovola portrait01

Magdalena Queen of Moths

Magdalena Lady of Moths 01


Madam Violet

Madam Violet 02
Madam Violet


Mad Madelynne

Mad Madelynne02

The Black Madonna

Black Madonna 05
Black Madonna

Genevieve Von Ula

Genevieve 02crop
Genevieve von Ula

Genevieve 03


Ness the Selkie

selkie doll 01-2


Wolf Gustav

Wolf Gustav crop
Wolf Gustav


Bragi the Sad Clown

Bragi doll full

Me My Sister

textile folk art
Me My Sister

Horace Montgomery

Mad Hatter 07
Horace Montgomery (back)
art doll textile art
Horace Montgomery (front)

Odette The White Swan

Swan doll 10


Olga Owl

owl art doll
Olga Owl


Sea Bride


Boris Badger


textile art doll badger
Boris Badger



Gertrude bear 05

Ella Bee

fabric doll girl sunflowers
Ella Bee

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