Welcome to the world of Pantovola
I am
a Textile Artist, Doll maker and Painter
creating a fantastical world of two- and three dimensional works in which story telling is the beating heart
You are invited to visit the misty, magical lands that are inhabited by
Witches, Wolves, Teapot Ghosts, Anthropomorphic Animals, Fairy people and Dream Folk.
My work is inspired by the old Nordic and Russian Folk Tales, Greek Mythology, Dreams and the dusty Puppet Theaters of my childhood.
With my dolls, puppets, sculptures and paintings I reminisce Old World nostalgia with a good doses of melancholy.
I love collecting old objects, photographs, ruffled time stained textiles, ephemera and antique fabrics,
which I incorporate in my art dolls and objects, adding personal secret stories and bits of forgotten history.
For a quick overview of my work I made this Gallery
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Thank you for visiting