Doll Story


I make one of a kind Art Dolls and Mixed Media Objects,
inspired by Fairytales, Folklore and memories of childhood.
My favorite materials are vintage fabrics and antique textiles,
crackled clay and little treasures I pick up on my travels,
telling their own small stories and secrets
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STORY TELLING is what fuels my work.
Each doll, figure and sculpture has their own narrative,
and are often part of a little fantastical tale.
Read all about a traveling theatre with its strange inhabitants in The Theatre of Tales
Or let the forest nymphs show you the way into the tale of The Forgotten Forest
I stitch my dolls and figures by hand with old fabrics,
discarded textiles and antique lace.
The more worn the textile, the more it speaks to me somehow.
I like to think there are small secrets and stories hidden in the fibers of these materials,
and I imagine the hands from the past handling these pieces of cloth before me.
I am a keen collector of interesting objects and treasures,
and often these items can spark a new piece.
For faces and hands I often use clay made to look like porcelain,
giving my dolls an antique look and feel.

Animals are an endless source of inspiration for me,
especially wolves and owls, representing the wise omens of the wild woods and skies
Fairy creatures, Witches, Ghosts and Spirits are also among some of my favourite subjects


From early childhood,
I made it my occupation to lose my mind in Fairy Tales.
Especially the beautifully illustrated books by the Brothers Grimm and Anderson that lived on the book shelves of my grandmother's house, were a life inspiration.
I dedicated a lot of my childhood to dressing up as the fantastical characters from my favourite Fairytales, and reenacted many stories and tales.
To this day I love to immerse myself in a private world of such magic and mystery.
One thing I search for when making my dolls and figures,
is to once again be enchanted.
Enchantment that can be felt for life and the world around us,
is something precious.
I try to stitch that feeling into my work,
and make that magic tangible somehow so I can share it with others.
It is said that dolls are little representations of different elements of ourselves,
and I believe this to be true.
You could say they are portraits of our emotions and imaginings,
offering us a mirror into our wild and childlike souls


Besides making my my sculptural work, I also love to draw and paint.
Often my paintings are inspired by my dolls and figures, or vice versa,
and my canvas can be 2 dimensional, or 3 dimensional

I paint large murals by hand,
such as this example below, which was made at an old farm house in Galicia, Spain

With some of my illustrations I created patterns for wallpaper and home decor.
You can see more pattern design by clicking here
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On some occasions I create bespoke pieces too,
such as Memory Dolls and Heirloom Dolls.
These are dolls made in collaboration with you.
Your ideas, stories and memories have a central role in the process of making such pieces.
Family heirlooms and personal items can be incorporated in these dolls.

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I gave to Dyeing House Gallery

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