is a Doll Artist and Textile Artist.
She creates Art dolls and Doll sculptures,
and an otherworldly universe for them to inhabit in which story telling is the beating heart.

Materials used are vintage and antique textiles, clay, old curio & trinkets 
The work is inspired by the curious memories of Childhood,
Puppetry Theater, Folklore & Fairytales, Surrealism, The Victorian Era, Dreams & Nature.
Other things of interest are:
Victorian Mourning Art, Moths & Butterflies, Trees, the Smell of Old Books
, Old Handwritten Letters,
Doll Houses & Miniatures, Decaying Things, Dried Flowers and Curiosity Boxes.
Favorite animal: Wolf, Favorite human: Witch

Often the dolls and sculptures hold a world within a world;
a diorama or miniature theater may be hidden in their chest,
or behind the drapes of their elaborate dress.
They tell fantastical tales from other realms that seem to have come from mysterious places.

The work of Pantovola breathes a melancholy breath and has a nostalgic soul,
one which yearns to bygone days,
an autumn past, a memory in dusk... 

Pantovola studied Fine Art at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem, Netherlands,
and has a background in painting, illustration, stop motion puppet-animation-film and Theater.

Her Art Dolls and Sculptures are held in private collections and exhibits worldwide.
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Small handmade fabric figurines are made under the name Pantovola Petit
These are released in small collections every so often, and have their own dedicated page where you can follow and adopt them