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Fabric Fairytales

Hello and welcome at Pantovola,

where you will find my Textile Art and Dolls inspired by folklore & fairytales

My favorite materials are old fabrics that ruffle and shiny things covered in dust
I love Victorian ghost stories, Witches, yesteryear’s theatres, nature and thinking about reading books
textile art
The Ghost House

I stitch my creations by hand with vintage fabrics, discarded textiles, old garments and when I can get my hands on it, antique lace.

They are decorated with painted illustrations, embroidery, beads, precious stones and objects that are part of the story of the piece. Story telling is a big part of my work,

each doll and sculpture has their own little fantastical tale to tell


The Haunting of Blue Beard

I prefer to make my textile sculptures and art dolls with old discarded materials,
incorporating its own history and narrative into my work.

I like the textures of old cloth and textile, worn in places, ruffled on the edges, there is something quite delightful about the imperfections.

vintage textile

Besides my autonomous work, I create bespoke artworks too,

such as  Heirloom Dolls, Memorial Art and Guardian Witch Dolls.

For these pieces I take inspiration from the Mourning Art of the Victorian Era and historic Folklore,

and of course people’s personal stories.
I like to think of it as a weave of narratives and history, telling a bigger story together.
For these particular pieces I work with materials provided by the client that are of personal importance;
scraps of fabric, an old wedding glove, family jewels, photographs, letters and so on.


doll making

Hopefully my heirloom pieces will be passed on from one generation to the next,
becoming tangible memories in and of people’s lives.

I offer my bespoke Memorial Art and Witch Dolls on a bespoke bases, find out more here or order yours now here

art studio

Lady Pavlova & Wolf Gustav were the first two ‘Pantovola’ dolls

Gustav lives in the Polish woodlands and Lady Pavlova has moved on to pursue her career as a cabaret singer in Oklahoma

cloth dolls

blue moon club

The Blue Moon Club is a platform I created for collectors and fans,

who like to receive exclusive previews of new collections and enjoy Free Shipping on their textile sculptures and art dolls. You are of course very welcome to join, I hope to see you there!

Join here and receive your Free Shipping coupon now

All my work that is available can be found in my shop

I have giclée art prints available of my illustrations and paintings there too

Thank you for kindly visiting me here!

Best wishes, Pantovola

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  1. Debbie Howell

    I love your dolls. So uniquely made. Especially the wolfs.

    1. Pantovola

      thank you for your kind comment and compliment Debbie 🌹

  2. Barbara L Bengimina

    Glorious work.

  3. Junait Chakman

    Amazing vision, lovely dolls. You are a true artist.

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