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Fabric Fairytales, Textile Art, OOAK Dolls and Illustration

Pantovola is a  textile artist and dollmaker creating textile art sculptures and ooak art dolls

Fabric Fairytales

All I do and make is hugely inspired by old Folklore ,Witches, Victorian Ghost Stories, Mythology and Nature.
Whatever lives in my imagination I bring to life in the form of a textile art piece or ooak art doll.
I hand stitch my dolls and soft sculptures with unbleached cotton and second hand fabrics,

and decorate with illustration, embroidery, antique lace, beads and anything that I feel adds to the story of the piece.

Most of my textile art and dolls have their own little tale to tell,

often with a tough of the macabre, my favorite subject being ghosts and spirits roaming the woods..

Most my tales are ‘homemade’ but I do also use segments of existing fairytales, folklore, poetry, dark nursery rhymes and mythology.

I love dreaming up things that are hidden and secretive, magical creatures roaming the woods at dusk, ghosts floating amidst the foggy tree tops..

textile art
The Ghost House

I prefer to work with old discarded materials,
incorporating its own history and narrative into my work.

I like the textures of old cloth and textile, worn in places, ruffled on the edges, there is something quite delightful about the imperfections.

vintage textile


Besides my autonomous work, I create bespoke, personalized Heirloom Dolls, Memorial Art and Guardian Witch Dolls, taking inspiration from the Mourning Art of the Victorian Era and historic Folklore.
I like to think of it as a weave of peoples narratives and history, telling a bigger story together.
For these particular pieces I work with materials provided by the client that are of personal importance;
scraps of fabric, an old wedding glove, family jewels, photographs, letters and so on.

Hopefully my heirloom pieces will be passed on from one generation to the next,
becoming tangible memories in and of people’s lives.

I offer my bespoke Memorial Dolls and Witch Dolls on a bespoke bases, find out more here or order yours now here

Oh yes, and I love to draw too! My illustrations are available as (limited) giclée art prints in my shop here

A little History:

I vividly remember making my first doll when I was only a small child,
a sock filled with cotton wool on which I carefully painted a face and hair.

With some cloth and ribbon I made the ‘sock doll’ a little dress.

“Pantovola” was born in the spring of 2015.
I had graduated from art school 10 years prior and explored working as a singer performer, illustrator and print maker. After traveling around for years between jobs and countries, I moved onto a canal boat in London.

The boat was small and winter had thrown her dark cloak over us. Studio space was not available within my budget, so I had to think small and simple again, in order to create work.
One evening, sipping some wine by a roaring wood burner, I had a vivid memory of my childhood, creating my own world and creatures with only a sock and some scraps of fabric. Something magical sparked inside of me and that is where Pantovola began.
Some years have now past, I moved from city to woodlands, and I have been sewing pretty much non stop from my home studio in a house in the foggy woods at the ankles of the Atlantic ocean

misty woods

If you would like to be the first to hear about new pieces and collections, you are cordially invited to The Blue Moon Club,

a newsletter for collectors and fans.

My textile art and handmade art dolls are available in my official shop

I have giclée art prints available of my illustration and art dolls in my etsy shop.

Thank you for kindly visiting me here!

Best wishes, P









  1. I love your work, so delicate and romantic. I am a batik artist and have just started a WordPress site featuring my own art dolls, Marina’s muses. They are very different to yours, but you may want to see 😊.

    1. thank you very much and I shall have a look at your work also! Anouk

  2. Hi 🙂 I’m Iwona and I am a illustrator 🙂 I just found your artworks, which are beautiful and very inspiring. I love your dools! Amazing and very romantic. I would like to show you my illustrations and If you get a second, I’ d love to hear your thoughts on topic my illustrations:) I greet:)

  3. I just found your work, it is beautiful. My friend mentioned that you are in the current issue of ArtDoll Quarterly and so I checked it out (I have my doll in the show and tell section).

    1. Thank you Maria, that is very kind! I must have a good look in the magazine, still not had a chance. x

  4. Such olde world charm of a bygone day . Exquisite detail and a sadness you want to hold close. I adore ! x

  5. encantadoras, comoventes, vem do seu coração, tão genuínas

    1. thank you for your kind words xx

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