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03 May 2017

textile art doll

After half a year of work,

I have now finished my largest textile art doll to date!

‘The Spirit’ is made with cloth, an altered antique Christening dress, clay, a paper cut out collage, sheep’s fleece, beads and lots of embroidery.

textile art

In her chest she carries a paper cut out diorama scene from my collage art project Morphauna. 

It is called ‘The Curse’

cut out diorama

In old folklore it is said that, when a woman’s dress is seen floating above the ocean, the ship sailing it and its crew, is cursed and a grim fate awaits them…


19th April 2017

art dolls

7th April 2017

This past month I have brought clay into the equation!

Three new ooak collectors dolls are in the making and I am thrilled with how the clay is opening new doors and possibilities to my creations.

Above is just a little sneak peek I’d like to share with you now



25th March 2017

Memorial Heirloom Dolls

heirloom doll
made with personal memories and heirlooms, to be passed on to the future

In the past week I have made a prototype Memorial Heirloom Doll

and I took photographs of each step of the process.

A Memorial Heirloom Doll is a bespoke doll,

made in close association with the client, incorporating personal objects and materials.

The purpose of this kind of doll is to materialize and preserve personal memories and little (family) heirlooms and to carry it on to future generations.

Have a look here at the entire documentation of the process

You can request your own unique Memorial Heirloom Doll here


11th March 2017

Hello and thanks for stopping by at my brand new blog

I haven’t written a blog for a long time, I haven’t written words in general for a while..

but I thought it would be a nice thing to add to my website to share some stories, inspiration, ideas and so on.. a bit of insight perhaps.

So starting from scratch on a clean sheet of ‘paper’ (one of my favorite things in the world that is) I want to begin at the beginning and share with you an artist who has been present in my very bones and breath since the day I lay eyes on his painted world that still inhabits my dreams and has hugely inspired the way my visual brain works.

marc chagall the dream painter

I was only a small child when my grandmother send me a postcard with a painting of a girl in a pink dress and a boy with a fiddle, riding a silver horse in a loving embrace.

That postcard must have been the very start of my journey into the world of art.

It was painted by the Russian-French artist Marc Chagall

It was at least a decade and some years later after the postcard, when I took a casual stroll in the Museum for Contemporary Art in Amsterdam (Stedelijk Museum).I had a wonderful pass that allowed you entry into all museums in the country for free, so I often just walked around for half an hour taking in art, but also for the sake of being in a still environment quietly observing quiet people. As I walked along, I entered a room unexpecting  a most special encounter.

I can tell you without exaggerating that my heart skipped a beat, like when meeting an old lover who had passed away at sea a decade prior the meeting..

There on that single wall it just hung, by itself. The postcard, the real painting.. A girl in a pale pink dress and a fiddler riding a silver horse. It was really big, a lot bigger than I had expected it to be! I will never forget this encounter with Chagall. It was like he was there in that room with me. I seem to remember I was all alone in that big white space, with the painting, but it was probably filled with other museum visitors whom I just didn’t seem to notice anymore. As if the painting and myself had traveled together to a parallel universe for a few moments, drifting in unison in a cloud of nostalgia and dreams

chagall painting