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Dear ones who follow my blog here on this website,

In this post I’d like to share some background to my decision to move some of my more in-depth content from this blog and social media channels, to my Patreon account.

But first of all I want to give a sincere thanks to all of you who has shown an interest in my work and what I create,
for your support and the kindness.
I launched this website in 2015 and I have published tales, background stories and imagery surrounding my art via this here blog.
I also started a newsletter back then called The Blue Moon Club where I share updates about new artworks and their release dates,
especially for collectors.
Back then I also took the plunge into the ocean of social media, where I share regularly about my art journey.
The internet, and social media in particular, is a fantastic place to connect to so many people around the world who are interested in what I do and I am really so truly grateful for this.
However, the internet has a flip side and many of the platforms have become more and more demanding, with less exposure and with a push to running ads and working with advertisers to remain visible. Everyone is ofcourse free to run their practice as they feel fits, but I want to keep my accounts ‘ad-free’.

Recently I decided to join Patreon as a creator and it is where I have started to share my blog posts with background stories, inspiration and work processes, exclusively for subscribers.
I have chosen to do this for a couple of reasons;
One being that creating content takes time and creativity and via Patreon this time and creativity is rewarded by my Patrons so that I could potentially free up more time to experiment within my art practice and focus on creating upcoming exhibits, aside from working on the art pieces that I offer for sale.

Secondly I really like the idea of building a trusted community within a more secured garden so to speak, in which I feel the safety and freedom to share more personal stories, in depth work processes, images and so on.
I have some privacy concerns about doing this boundlessly on the open web.
I feel that on Patreon I can build a community that is safe and that the content I share there will be safe also.
I have had some initial doubts about this move, because charging for content that used to be accessible for free seemed a little jarring.
But to make my practice as an artist (it is my life and my passion but also my livelihood) more sustainable and future proof, I feel that this is a sensible step to take.

I intend to keep my social media channels open for all and I share regularly on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest
But for those who like to deep dive with me and support my art journey as a Patron, do take a look at my Patreon account.
I offer trial memberships for free, so you can find out if it is something for you before committing.

Thank you so much and have a magical week ahead

x Pantovola x

fairytale illustration


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