the Summer Beast

The Summer Beast
“…Only one of me is sad, all the others are quite happy…”

folkart sculpture

This is a new and stand alone textile sculpture I made just this week.
She does not belong to any collection, she was made out of the need to experiment a bit with colors and different textiles, and is very much an ‘intuitive’ creation.
She is a kind of horse woman with several different faces that I painted on the cloth,
that all seem to morph in and out of each other

folk art doll

I used some different types of textiles for a change, like this faux fur on her chest,
which makes her look quite beastly in my opinion…

handpainted doll

I often have stories and characters in my mind before I make a piece, some sort of bigger picture and tale. But for this lady I really enjoyed switching off my mind and just sewing and painting without any particular thought. So I just followed my hands to see what would happen.
Anyway, tiny stories or meanings often develop themselves on their own accord whilst making, without me consciously thinking them up, as if they had been waiting in the wall for the right moment to come out.

When I had made this strange beastly lady, she informed me of the following:
“…Only one of me is sad, all the others are quite happy…”
What she means I think, is that she is not defined by only one thing,
one emotion or narrative. She can be more things all at once, and they all need each other in a way, which you can perhaps make out from her tears feeding the little flower she holds in her hands.

However, make of it as you wish, she is open to your own interpretation ☺
My Summer Beast Lady is now listed in my shop

Thank you for reading,
I wish you all a dreamy week ahead!

x P x

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