Bird Girl

A while back in May 2017, I hosted a Give Away, you may remember it, everyone was invited to describe their ideal, dream doll. I received many truly inspiring, amazing, beautiful entries, and choosing only one to create an actual piece of, was really, really hard. But somehow, there was one particular entry that kept coming to me, the visual, poetic description unfolding in my mind, and I chose that idea as the winning entry. The piece is now finally finished and she will travel to her new home tomorrow. I did end up making a few changes to the original post I realize, but I hope the main feeling of the doll has remained in tact.
This was the beautiful, winning entry by Shane Dew: “A pale translucent porcelain doll full of tears in clothes of woven translucent silks her tears have fallen from her bright blue crystal eyes and turned to pearls down her face and cascade like little waterfalls down her dress. Her sighs have fallen like pale feathers from her mouth small downy ones growing in size to ones as large as the flight feathers of a swan, in her heart there is a small fire burning of copper and gold…”