art doll

doll art

doll sculpture


art doll

Litha preserves what she loves most
The growth of bud to splendid flower
The life like Summer of a Ghost

Her nurturing tears a summer’s shower

Litha (Summer Solstice) is a doll art sculpture made with a vintage book in which a glass frame holding dried flowers, is placed. Her head, shoulders, hands and feet are made of clay.

The clay has been treated with a crackle medium, giving it its antique doll style appearance.

Her wig is made with chestnut brown mohair, a delicate and natural fiber.

Her skirt is made with vintage embroidered textile, dyed in coffee and has been stiffened, so the shape of it is permanent.

Her feet are not attached so can be place in different ways under her skirt.

She measures approx 18″ inches wide and 11″ inches high

available here


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