The Spirit

textile art doll

textile art

cut out diarama

‘The Spirit’

An almost life-size textile art doll holding a paper cut out diorama in her chest telling the tale of a cursed tall ship


Work in Progress

dreamy art dolls

textile art

textile art




Over the past months I have been working on a large, almost life-size, piece.
It’s a slow process but a very good one. I like working on something for a longer period of time, and the changes that happen to it over time. I wasn’t sure what to do with the space in her chest, but I just got an idea for this, so bear with me! Here are some work in progress photo’s, one of them with my own normal size doll Talula, to show some perspective of size.. Still lots to do

The Heart’s Garden

collectible doll

art doll



The Heart’s Garden
‘Only Tears truly feed The Heart’s Garden’

Tears made of pearls roll down this girl’s cheeks and chest to feed the tree that is growing from her heart. The branches and leaves are made with wire, fabric and gouache paint. For the detailing on the leaves I used a mixture of golden paint and gold powder. The heart has silver embroidery along the sides and brown embroidery follows the veins on the heart.
Vintage textiles hang from her body. Her hair has been embroidered with dark brown and ivory thread.
This piece measures 40 cm (15.7 inch)

The Lamb

textile art

folk art



The Lamb
Keeper of The Innocent’s Heart

For this otherworldly Lamb creature I used beautiful Teeswater cross fleece,
which I have sewn onto the body in loose curls and small braids.
Pearl like beads have been sewn into the fleece as well as an old piece of jewelry I found in a rusty ol’ box.
The heart is embroidered and a small braid hangs across it.
The Lamb measures 34 cm (13.5 inch)

Ladies of the Flower Garden

fabric doll

doll art



The Ladies of The Flower Garden

Rosa (left) and Lily (right) have just been picking flowers in their blossoming garden.
Their hair is done up with a spiral embroidery design
For Rosa I used silver metallic embroidery thread, for Lily pale white thread.
Rosa measures: 32 cm (12.5 inch)
Lily measures: 34 cm (13 inch)

The Bird Witch

folk art hybrid

folk art bird-witch-02

bird-witch-03The Bird Witch

She learned her Wisdom from The trees

Half Bird, half Human,
this Witch creature learned everything she knows from the trees.
She lives in the trees, and the trees live in her
Her wings are needle sculpted and dyed with coffee and a bit of water color.
Her eyes and hair are drawn on with graphite pencil. On her chest she wears an amulet of a butterfly (cigarette card) framed with doillie and silver metallic thread woven into a braid. the branches and leaves are made with wire and fabric and painted in different shades of green and brown

This piece measures 39 cm (15.2 inch)

The Gardener

ooak doll

art doll the-gardener-02 the-gardener-05

Despite his sadness,

the brave Gardener grew flowers

Wolf Witch of the Gilded Forest

art doll

art doll



Wolf of the Gilded Forest
‘From our dust and memory grow golden trees’

A Wolf that safeguards the souls of the departed.
She is made with lovely old lace and bits of doillie, dyed in coffee.
The branches are made of wire and fabric and painted in brown and gold.
An old Edwardian time photograph adorns the Wolf’s chest, it has been varnished for protection

This piece measures 34 cm (13.5 inch)