51 days until… a little sneak peek

folklore doll costume

Hello curious creature ♥︎
Welcome to my blog post this Sunday!

Did you know it is only 51 days until Christmas day?
This may well be the reason why my studio is full of ribbons, velvet, lace, pearl buttons and the cheerful sounds of chit chattering from newly made creatures impatiently waiting to tell you their stories.
They told me some of their secrets already and I cannot wait to share them with you,
but I promised to keep them safe for just a little longer.
But then again, I am not very good with keeping secrets, so without giving too much away, I want to show you some work-in-progress pictures of this year’s Christmas Collection in the making!
As you may know, creating my Christmas Collection is my absolute favourite thing in the world to do.
I love the shorter days with the heater on, Edith Piaf and Frank Sinatra singing to me, and piles of coloured ribbons, lace, buttons and too many ideas are laid out before me on my work table.
For this year’s collection I took inspiration from some old childhood picture books I used to read (and I admit to still reading them sometimes today…) such as those wonderful stories by Beatrix Potter.
And then there are lots of those fuzzy memories of yesteryear’s Christmases spend at home as a child.
The cooking and baking I remember fondly, sugar cakes, mulled wine and spiced holly biscuits filled the home with such a warm scent and feeling.
My mother was particularly good with decoration and we spend hours trimming the tree.
I remember the many old baubles we used to have that belonged to my grandmother from her time in Canada in the 1950’s.
My favourite ones were the little shiny red apples made of wood with their gold ribbon,
and you will find that they feature in many ways this year…🍎

christmas dollhouse

I don’t want to spoil too much by giving away all my Christmas secrets,
but let me just tell you that whatever happens and whoever it may be who’ll be sharing their stories with us this year, the house you see here above, standing solitary in the magical white snowy woods, will be where it all takes place. The fire has been lit and the sweet smell of cooking and baking escapes through the window and floats on the crisp winter air and into the woods …

vintage doll clothing

Who will join the feast and who will tell their fantastical tales by the fire?
What will they wear and where will they be from?
What delicious things will be served at the Christmas table?

Well, we must be patient and wait because there are still many stitches to be made and many buttons to be sewn onto the costumes of our winter heroes,
so until then …

textile fruit

… stay warm and cozy and … eat an apple, preferably covered in toffee ! 🍎|
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Thank you and have a lovely Sunday
x P x

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  1. Alfher Lupus and Enna Ylime

    We love your ideas and your words, we can not wait to know the mysteries that surround your creatures. We hope that soon we meet you in person, for us you are a beautiful person and artist and you art is very inspiring for us, thank you. And, the Christmas is a special day, (alfher’s mum was born in 25th) and this time is magic day. Soon a letter will fly to your hands, we have a lot to tell you. Love your Crhistmas story, we love Edith and this “past voice”,It is beautiful to read yourself and to know yourself a bit better, from Bokkel to invite you a special Christmas, soon you will know more dear friend, and do not stop looking for beautiful sweets; (we love the Spanish pastry). We admire you and we hope that you are magical days.

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