The Cursed Sea Captain on Grimm Gardenia podcast

Good day to you all dear readers,
As the summer approaches and her garden of blossom blooms in fragrant colors to our heart’s delight,
a little specter has lured me into another garden;
fog heavy and of a more under-earth quality
…The garden of Grimm Gardenia

‘T is a new podcast by a Petit Phantom called Hope Stockton.
Besides being a little ghost, Hope is also an incredibly wonderful Voice Talent,
with whom I am delighted to have started a fruitful collaboration.

Today she has released the very first episode of her podcast featuring my tale
“The Cursed Sea Captain”
The ambient world of sound was created by my good friend Grey Malkin;
moniker of their musical project The Hare and The Moon,
Widows Weeds and more..
Now with not much further ado, I am honored to welcome you into the world of dew heavy blossom and web, hoping you’ll enjoy this first episode of
Grimm Gardenia “The Cursed Sea Captain”

The Cursed Sea Captain was written by Pantovola
Narrated by Voice Talent: Hope Stockton
Please send booking inquiries to:
Sounds by Grey Malkin
Thank you for listening and stay tuned for more spooky tales in the future by subscribing to the Grimm Gardenia podcast




  1. Constance

    It is wonderful to hear your tale spoken by the etherial voice of the Grimm Gardenia! Brava to you both and thank you for sharing.

  2. Constance

    P.S. beautiful artwork above!

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