Interview at The Huts Magazine

Hello! Long time since I posted here on my blog, I hope you have been well, enjoying the marvels of spring!
This past week issue 5 of the Huts Magazine, an indie artzine, was published and I am honoured to be one of their featured artists!
A five page interview “Viewing, Like Reading” can be found in it,
plus also a little step by step progress story “Once Upon a Making’ which takes you through the creative process of making one of my larger doll sculptures ‘Persephone’

The Huts Magazine is an independent initiative, shining their bright light on beautiful artists and their works.
In this issue you may find many amazing creators, such as paper artist Christine Kim and textile artist Gail Long 
If you wish to read the article and discover more art whilst enjoying a cup of coffee in your own home,
the magazine can be purchased HERE
Thanks for reading and have a beautiful end of spring! May the summer bring much magic to you 🌸

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  1. Constance

    Congratulations! You are a talented artist, one that brings much needed beauty and magic to our world. This is a great article and an honor to be featured in Huts Magazine.

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