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When making dolls, having an idea in my head is an obvious starting point..
I often don’t make sketches beforehand, as I like to just go along with where the stitches take me.
But this way of working, I suppose, does allow for more radical changes to be made along the way of creating, and it is then, that the true personality of the dolls force their way through.

I had a very specific idea for this here doll in progress above.
I wanted her to become a lovely and warm, fuzzy woman, with big buns in her hair on the sides and a cozy full skirt made of patchwork, which I patiently stitched together from lots of small bits of vintage fabrics I had collected over the years:


Anyway, all well and lovely, until, when I added everything together,
the doll was like; You know what Pantovola? No…
She didn’t like the head she was given, nor did she agree with her skirt..
I said, ok .. listen lady, this took me days of painstaking work and patience,
but she wouldn’t have any of it.
Long story short, I made her a brand new head and face, which I carefully replaced with the old one, and sewn her new skirt to go with it.
Then she kindly demanded I make her a friend. He had to be a wolf, a handsome one.
So I made her a wolf…

When she saw the enchanting wolf, the lady doll wanted to add even more loveliness to her character, so she suggested I make her a rose to carry with her.

Finally… I hope they are both happy now with what they have become!

art dolls

They wanted to be named the following:

Rossitva (Bulgarian for Rose)  and Ivaylo (Bulgarian for Wolf)

Both dolls will be listed tonight, Sunday 25th March at 8:30 British Summer Time, in my etsy shop!

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  1. Sandra Leech

    These creations evolve and they speak to us as well as you. How fascinating and refreshing.
    So mysterious as we gaze upon them, wondering about their history and their personal stories

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