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Dear all,

I am super excited to announce I have finally finished creating my very own shop,
(with the help of a computer super genius of course)
My shop is now hosted on my own website, offering my ooak dolls and textile art sculptures.
It took months of work to make it look as simple as it does,
but I wanted it to be a ‘white space’ in which my art would really be able to shine.

The new address of my official shop is now:

miniature shop

I am very happy with the result and I hope you will like it too.
This move means I will no longer offer my one of a kind pieces on Etsy,
however you will still find me there with giclée prints,
and hopefully soon also with some selected product designs!

For those of you who may have missed this on social media,
in recent months I have worked on several designs for wallpaper and textile products.
It has been a dream I have had for a long time to expand my work into the universe of the home,
not only through display, dolls and sculptures, but through decoration in the bigger sense of the word.
I have myself always been a huge fan of painting my walls with big pictures and magical worlds,
decorating old furniture with beautiful fabrics and dreamy touches and so on.
My ‘home’ is always my most important place, a sanctuary, an escape from whatever it is that goes on in the outside world.
So you can imagine I have had a long term obsession with anything that has to do with making the home a most magical place.
At the current moment I am looking into finding the right producers to produce different designs and products,
but I hope I should be able to offer a selection of such products in the not too far future.
In the meantime here is a little ‘sketch’ of the ideas I have been working on so far.
Let me add that this will be an ongoing project of ever expanding ideas and concepts.

artist wallpaper

The Owls – Wall paper design – Textile Design

handpainted wallpaper

The Merry Moth Children – Wall paper design – Textile Design

william morris wallpaper

Wolves in the Witches Woods – Wall paper design – Textile Design

wallpaper birds

Summer Birds – Wall Paper Design – Textile Design
(credit image of chair and lamp licensed by Freepik, design by Mr Siraphol)

Blue Lady’s Tea Party  – Wall paper design – Textile Design


Summer Birds – Wall paper design – Textile Design

That’s all for now,
thank you kindly for reading and viewing my blog, and I wish you all a very relaxing Sunday !

x P x






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  1. Fiona Alden

    Oh so wonderful ! You are so clever ! X

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