Pollock’s Toy Shop exhibit


I hope you are all settling into the new season, wherever you are.
I wanted to share some exciting news with you,
which is that I am showing a special piece this autumn at a secret window somewhere in Covent Garden, London.
The show is hosted by the marvelous Benjamin Pollock’s Toy Shop,
who have also stocked a limited collection of my Pantovola Petit figurines.
These little creatures are available to their shop visitors only at the moment,
so if you find yourself to be in London town, then they would very much like to meet you.
The art piece currently on display in a secret window in Covent Garden is called

I made it special for this occasion, and the display comprises of a large doll sculpture with an antique birdcage inside her skirt.
The cage holds a human heart, made of textile, from which poems grow:
made of cut-outs of an antique poetry book

Next to THE POET there are two dolls keeping guard; a bear and a bird, they are The Key Keepers.
Inside their chests they hold the keys that unlock the birdcage holding the precious heart within it, from which the poems grow.

The Pantovola Petit figurines that are on display inside the actual shop at Pollock’s Toy Shop,
are available exclusively to their shop visitors.
So do pop in would you be in the area!

Opening times: Thursdays – Sundays from Midday until 4pm
It is advised to make an appointment with them before your visit,
due to the current situation with .. you know…
T: 020 7379 7866
E: bpollockstoyshop@gmail.com


  1. So excited for the Poet and Key Keepers journey to Benjamin Pollock’s….congratulations Anouk! Your work is stunning and will look perfect gracing one of the secret window of their shop. Hooray you and your work so deserves this!

    1. Thanks very much Constance xxx

  2. Carrie Woodward

    In a world where individuality is swamped by mass corporations and mass productions, your work is a breath of fresh air and such a welcome reprieve. What a wonderful collaboration with Benjamin Pollock’s Toy Shop, a wonderful place to escape to and be a child again, a time when you could explore, be excited, be happy, and just be you, if just for a short time. I love you both. ❤️

    1. Dear Carrie, thank you so much for your words, it means a lot x

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