“Precious” a film by Pantovola, Bright Side Studios and Alabaster de Plume

stop motion animation

A year and some ago,

I made a film with the marvelous Bright Side Studios and poet/musician Alabaster de Plume.
The film was part of an installation during the Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh,
and we made the animation film to raise awareness about mental health issues and the isolating effects they can have.

For the film we used the story of my sad clown Bragi, who cries tears made of pearls.

A girl called Precious, collects these pearl tears and weaves them into necklaces.

But the necklaces weigh heavy with melanholia and Precious tumbles into the pond…

I made both characters out of textile, and they were animated using the stop motion technique

animation puppets

The film was shot on blue screen and my little textile creature puppets were set in a world of both hand drawn illustration that I had made, as well as stunning cgi by Bright Side Studios

gyspy caravan illustration

The track for the film was provided by Alabaster de Plume,

and gave it its very soul.

Now, finally, here is a link to the film “Precious

I hope you enjoy !


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