Stranger Factory Gallery Show

Last night,
June 1st 2018, the Group show Toymakers of Planet Earth II opened at Stranger Factory Gallery in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
I am very honored to have three works exhibited there currently,
which I can finally share with you here!

This first doll sculpture is called The Moth Keeper.
She is a standing piece made of vintage textiles, antique lace, clay, embroidery, paper and wood.
She wears a little diorama in her dress displaying paper moths.
The Moth Keeper is a melancholic creature, inspired by the antique doll.
In this piece I try to capture some sense of the fragile nature of time passing and my own nostalgic relation towards that concept.
The Moth Keeper desires to capture and preserve the moths, the fragile creatures that only live so briefly, behind glass in her dress. But the garden already grows over her skirt and her roses that are in full bloom, have become heavy and are moving back towards the earth they once came from.

This next piece is called Harpy of the Green Woods,
she is a hanging doll sculpture made with textile and clay
(this piece was slightly altered after I took these photo’s, see the new photo’s at the Gallery website for reference!)
Harpies are fascinating mythological creatures, half woman half bird.
To me the Harpy is a witch also, bound to the earth by body, yet connected to the divine by her big feathered wings.

This final piece I want to share with you is the Midnight Blue Owl,
another hanging sculpture of a regal owl creature, made with vintage embroidered textiles, lace, beads and a crackled clay face.
Regal Owls are woodland creatures that once lived in the tall trees of a magical kingdom.
In these woods stood a mighty castle where the humans lived with their crowns and silver cups.
But one night, an unearthly storm raged over the woods, destroying not the trees that swayed with the wind, but the mighty castle that moved not. Since that night the humans and their crowns abandoned the castle ruins, and the Regal Owls moved in. They live in its crumbling towers now overgrown with greenery, where velvet curtains are embroidered with ever growing ivy and spider webs.

As of today these pieces will be available through Stranger Factory Gallery

Individual links to pieces on sale
The Moth Keeper
The Harpy of the Green Woods
The Midnight Blue Owl

You can read the gallery blog post for more information on the exhibition and find out who are the other amazing artists in this show. I am thrilled to be shown alongside some favorite artists of mine : Scott Radke, Leslie Levings and many others!

Thank you for reading!

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