The Forgotten Forest – new collection and tale

Dear creatures,

I am super happy to share with you my latest collection
‘The Forgotten Forest’
Eleven textile dolls and sculptures invite you into their magical world
where the Wolf Witches, Biddy Birds ,Wood Nymphs and Forest Fairies reign.
All pieces are now available in my shop and you can read their Tale here

The creation of this collection has taken place over the past three months,
and it has been a true labor of love,
I enjoyed very much imagining the story and the creatures that live in these woods.
Wolves play a big part in the tale,
and have always played an important role in my life and art.
Ever since I was young I was both terrified and fascinated by them.
As a child they appeared almost nightly in my dreams,
often in nightmares in which the wolves were a sign of danger and fear.
But that all changed when I was just fourteen.
I spend a beautiful summer in the ancient woodlands of the South of Poland,
in the Bielsko County region.
There we camped out with some other kids and their single parents,
on an abandoned scouting camp.
The camp had high fences around it, and at night I realized why this was.
As the moon rose above the old trees, a marvelous music would begin,
the music of howling wolves that lived in big numbers in these woods.
We had all been warned not to leave the camp on our own because of this,
but I took no heed.
Too curious and naive I was to be stopped by the warnings of adults,
I secretly crept out and went into the woods.
After I left the camp, I crossed a big river and entered a land I had only ever dreamed of.
So old and sacred it was, I could have stayed there forever.
As I walked deeper into the sphere of the forest,
I found a small open space in the sunlight, surrounded by shrubs and trees.
A big tree had fallen down there which made for a perfect seat to rest upon.
I sat down and listened to the sounds of the forest,
breathing in the sweet scent of wood and rotting leaves.
Then, all of a sudden, I heard a rustling in the shrubs only a few meters away from where I sat.
A beautiful big wolf stepped out into the light and stood still before me.
In what seemed to me to be a small eternity, the wolf and I looked at each other with great curiosity and a deep acknowledgment of the moment and our presence.
Her head hung low and her legs were skinny and tall, raising her back up high.
In that moment I felt no fear, only awe, and I don’t believe the wolf felt threatened either.
After her brief pause, she calmly went on her way again,
forgetting all about me I assume and continuing her day doing wolf things.
But this encounter with something so indescribably wild and old,
shifted my world slightly, and it never really felt the same again.
The recurring wolf dreams changed too.
No longer were wolves scary wild animals that chased me,
but good omens, like witches or guides instead.
Now I hope I can share a bit of this magic with you in my work and stories,
such as in this here Tale ‘The Forgotten Forest’


You can see all the pieces available from this collection here

I hope you enjoy and thank you for reading!
x P x

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  1. Wonderful story , thank your for sharing it

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