The Big Sleep

Grandma Moses winter
Anna M. R. Moses better known as ‘Grandma Moses’

This is just a little message from the winter woods to thank all of you who have supported my work this past year,
in many different ways possible.
And what a year it has been!
I look back with amazement, much joy and giggles,
and it makes me happy to think of all of you who have followed me and my strange creatures on our journey.
But all this life and work makes one tired and now it is time for some rest and reflection on what has passed.
Though before I do so I want to wish you and yours the very, very best for the New year to come.
May all your dreams and wishes come true!
I have written a little poem about this wonderful time of the year that I love, winter.
The time of rest when the world seems to curl up into itself and sleep.
Finally, I added some artworks I found suiting to this winter mood,
from the hands of some different artists whom I love.
You can find their names in the captions.
For now a very big virtual hug and until the next year!

Sleeping Beauty
Kinuko Y. Craft – The Sleeping Beauty

The Big Sleep – by Pantovola 2018

“Nothing flows forever
Not the rivers of the earth
For everything must live and die
To once again be given birth

After all that’s plenty
And the feast is done
A blanket falls and covers thee
Now the summer’s gone

In the warm lap of the wild
Those who breath and live
Curl up in warmth of memory
That the sun did give

For now it’s time to sleep and dream
Until another day
The earth awakes and borrows you
Her gifts of joy and play

Gifts of plenty
Gifts of life
Gifts for you and me
But know that what is given now
Does not belong to thee

And one day all we have to hold
All that we did reap
Must return into her lap
And sleep The Big Deep Sleep”


Grandma Moses winter
Grandma Moses
Bruegel winter
Pieter Bruegel – Return of the Hunters, 1565
Marc Chagall – Over Vitebsk, 1914
Jan Mankes – bomenrij, 1915
Harald Sohlberg
Harald Sohlberg – Winter Night in the Mountains, 1914



  1. Beautiful! Have a restful snooze and come up from the soil ready to bloom when the Spring Sunshine warms you

  2. Happy New Year, Thank you, Love, nia

  3. such a lovely poem! Happy New Year to you too.

  4. Jackie Proctor

    Beautiful poem. Looking forward to seeing what you will create in 2019 after you have paused and rested. Happy New Year.

  5. Nina tubman

    Oh so lovely poetry … beautiful
    Happy New year.
    Love Nina

  6. Glad to found your wonderful blogsite and of course your fantastic artwork. Happy New Year.
    Hugs, Heidrun

    1. Pantovola

      Thank you kindly dear Heidrun. Happy New Year to you and yours x

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