A wonderful story, xx

  2. Alicia Montes de Oca

    What a delicious story. Full of innocence and wonderful surprises. Magic like yours is what the world needs. Thank you very much for making my day.💗

  3. Cosntance

    Also forgot….your invitation also brillant!

  4. lorrie132013

    Oh, a truly marvellous and magical tale! I would love to see this as an animation, with all of your exquisite work.💕

  5. daphne mihan

    your so very clever the names of the characters are lovely….a great talent

    1. Pantovola

      thank you very much! x

  6. Sonia Schaeffer

    Dear Pantovola, thank you for your tale. I have spend a delicious moment with your characters. Have a nice day;

    1. Pantovola

      So glad to hear you enjoyed the tale! Thank you x

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