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Dearlings, I hope you are all well!
It has been a while since I last posted here on my blog, as I have been focused on writing the story for my fairytale book these past months.
Writing is something I have recently fallen in love with completely, it comes with a whole new set of challenges and discoveries and has given a new dimension for my imaginings to take shape in.
This book, with this particular story, is a big project for me which seeded in 2018 and has really began to grow during the pandemic.
I had a rough idea of the environment in which the tale would take place and began with painting all the characters, landscapes and scenes during the lockdowns, it was a truly perfect scenario for me personally, since nothing distracted me from this work.
These paintings have become the soul of the book, but the words, the story that is woven through them, was still missing, and this is, I think, because the field of writing is one in which I have always felt a little less confident.
But having said that, the more I write, the more I enjoy the process, the more comfortable I start to feel in its territory.
It is still a delicate process, quite a private one too, and I do not share on social media about this process.
But … I have opened a Patreon page where I will start sharing little sneak peeks and writings about this new journey, among many other things such as behind-the-scenes pictures and musings, short tales in writing and also in audio (I have just uploaded my first audio tale there!) and I will post my visual artist diary there with lots of beautiful things, images, inspiration, some tips here and there etc!
All content I”ll be posting on Patreon is exclusive to my patrons and I am super excited to go a little more in depth on this platform.
I will keep posting on social media here and there too, but with all its limitations I do feel excited about the possibilities Patreon could offer me on my artistic journey. So, I do hope you would take a look there and maybe consider joining me as a Traveller.
Thank you for everything and stay well! Sending sunny smiles over the breeze to you all

x Pantovola

Pantovola painting

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