Art for All!

Hello! I hope you are all keeping cozy and warm on this gloomy Sunday! The past week I worked on some new illustrations, after an idea I had to use the shape of a woman in a big dress, as my canvas for the illustration. I have used this idea in some of my dolls already, but wanted to explore it further in paintings and drawings as well. The story is now told from the perspective of the beholder of the dress, and I hope you like these two first designs “Spirit of the Woods” and “Girl and the Summer…

the Haunted Menagerie Bookplates

Just some news here on a recent illustration I made, this is a bookplate for the Creeping Museum for their charity print run “The Haunted Menagerie” There are many fabulous artists who participated in this project such as: the Canvas Menagerie, Hidden Velvet and Amy Earles to name a few. The bookplate print set is available at the Creeping Museum Shop now and proceeds will be both donated to the Portland Audubon Society and future non profit Creeping Museum arts and community projects Each set includes ten different self-adhesive art bookplates—suitable for framing—measuring three inches by five inches Have a marvelous…

hybrid animal

surreal collage art Morphauna

Good morning and Happy Sunday! As a big ‘old stuff’ enthusiast I am always drawn to antique engravings and drawings from bygone days, especially those of the Royal portrait and the Botanical kind. But what I love most of all is to cut them all up and re-arrange them in a way so that a new story unfolds. A story often surreal and fantastical, in which strange creatures and hybrid animals inhabit magical universes filled with moons, moths, creeping ivy, wild flowers, birds and beautifully mad Elizabethan dresses. Not to worry though, I create these collages digitally, so all original…

Anna Saint of Swans

Anna Saint of Swans “..As my dreaming arms surround your gentle feathers My pale hands embrace your white soft wings The moon then moves above the woodlands in full circles till the dawn bird sings .. ” This small painting of the Prima Ballerina Anna Pavlova and her pet swan is available in my shop as a limited art print !

The Moth Fae

“..My wings are made of dust of stars and dreams of night When evening sun is sinking My fragile wings take flight.. ” This little painting is called ‘The Moth Fae’ and I painted her with gouache on a small canvas (30.5 cm’s by 30.5 cm’s) She is available as a limited art print  and the original will also be available in my shop!