Art for All!

Hello! I hope you are all keeping cozy and warm on this gloomy Sunday! The past week I worked on some new illustrations, after an idea I had to use the shape of a woman in a big dress, as my canvas for the illustration. I have used this idea in some of my dolls already, but wanted to explore it further in paintings and drawings as well. The story is now told from the perspective of the beholder of the dress, and I hope you like these two first designs “Spirit of the Woods” and “Girl and the Summer…

folk art grandma moses

Happy Festive Season and thank you …

I hope you are all enjoying a cozy festive season! Many thanks for all the support this past year, it is a blessing to know my work is appreciated by people out there, it motivates me to keep making and creating and I am looking forwards to sharing new pieces with you all in the coming year. Stay warm and well and all the best wishes for the coming new year   x Pantovola   (painting by the wonderful Grandma Moses)

soft sculptures

More festive animals

Because my Christmas collection sold out so fast, I made a few more festive animals! These quirky creatures sure are looking forwards to a cozy Christmas roasting apples over a fire, drinking warm spiced wine and unwrapping magical presents! Open your hearts and imagination for these whimsical fabric creatures and meet Bjarne Moth Bear, Ula Owl, Raphael Rävson and Mørja Rävdottir

bird dolls

New collection of ooak textile art dolls

After months of sewing and painting I have a new collection of dolls ready! -Leopold the Bird King -Lovissa the Bird Queen -Joan and the Spirit -Hildegard and the Hummingbird -Mother Melancholia -Josephine Wolf They will be available in my shop from today

Working on …

Today I am working on one of the final pieces for the ever so secret collection which will be released in October in a someplace special! I can’t wait to share with you the new dolls I have created for this, but will have to be a little patient still In the mean time I will be posting little sneak peaks of their progress though  

Talula – Guardian Witch doll

This is ‘Talula’ my very own Guardian Witch doll I sew her by hand using beautiful old materials gathered over the past years Inside her body I hid some musky incense and a small pouch filled with dried sage (for protection) is hung around her neck Talula is a doll I made for myself and is not for sale I will be taking commissions for dolls like her (Guardian Witch Dolls) made with the client in mind, adding personal belongings supplied by you, inducing the doll with magical powers for protection and guidance! See my shop for more details