rag doll

Amathyst, a new doll in a box

A new dreamy textile doll arrived in my shop! She comes in a beautiful vintage presentation box, of which I found a few in a local shop here. They look so old and from another time and place, they inspired me to make this new textile creature. The doll is called Amathyst. For her I used a lot of lovely vintage and antique lace, dusty pink Teeswater fleece and beads. I painted ivy branches over her neck and face with water colors. On her chest she wears a little amethyst, and flowers made of vintage lace and gold thread.  

bird dolls

New collection of ooak textile art dolls

After months of sewing and painting I have a new collection of dolls ready! -Leopold the Bird King -Lovissa the Bird Queen -Joan and the Spirit -Hildegard and the Hummingbird -Mother Melancholia -Josephine Wolf They will be available in my shop from today

The Blue Moon Club

I recently started the Blue Moon Club and you are cordially invited ! As a member you get FREE shipping on all of my artworks from my etsy shop, exclusive sneak peaks of new collections and you have a chance to win one of my Blue Moon Give Away’s! You can join here (after joining make sure you receive your welcome email as it has your free shipping coupon code in it. If you have not found it in your inbox, check your spam and add me to your address book)

doll details

working on a new collection

No such thing as rest for an obsessed doll maker, there is always so much stitching to be done, so many creatures to be made, so much lace to be used, and so many wings to be sculpted.. Yes, I am working on a new collection of dolls and this is the first piece in the making! A girl holding a hummingbird made entirely of fabric, his wings needle sculpted and his body painted with pale blue and green. As I was listening to the beautiful and serene music of Hildegard von Bingen, I came up with this creation. She…

The Imaginarium

Woohoo! I just delivered my first proper collection of pieces to the most magical shop in the land! Over the moon to be part of the creation that is The Imaginarium in York. The pieces will be available there from mid October. More pictures and updates soon. Thank you Warren, Marcus and Finn for such a warm welcome (and a fine selection of Yorkshire fairy tale soap!!)

Doll studio turned Photo studio

This weekend was one of full circle, wrapping up two months of creating, sore fingers and no social life what so ever (a true joy for me in fact!) Not only was there a splendid full moon including eclipse, it was also time to take photographs of my first real collection of dolls which I made for a somewhere very special and top secret (to be revealed in October!) Because these photographs are also for publication (again for a something special and secret, to be revealed in February!) I had to make sure I did a good job My lovely…

Working on …

Today I am working on one of the final pieces for the ever so secret collection which will be released in October in a someplace special! I can’t wait to share with you the new dolls I have created for this, but will have to be a little patient still In the mean time I will be posting little sneak peaks of their progress though