Dark Fairytales by Nadezhda Illarionova

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This Sunday morning I am spending in bed mesmerizing over these beautifully magical and dark fairytale illustrations by Russian graphic designer and illustrator Nadezhda Illarionova.


Nadezhda Illarionova4
Ilustration by Nadezhda Illarionova

It is strangely familiar looking at these images, having grown up with a Fairytales fanatic mother and grandmother, I was raised surrounded by fantastical tales,

big books by H.C. Anderson and the Brothers Grimm filled with full page illustrations in which I could loose myself for an entire day. Even as a child I preferred Grimm to Disney, with nature and animals taking on powerful, often terrifyingly dark roles, taking its reader on a journey through life’s most basic and uncomfortable subjects.

Fairytales are to me perhaps a most sincere way of storytelling,

the truth does not need sugar coating, it just needs a dark fairy tale to wrap it up in and an grandmother to tell it.


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