Sacred Winter Swan

textile swan art

Hello !

I have been working on a new swan doll ever since I left for my travels, and due to all the interruptions I never managed to finish her until now.

So here is my new textile sculpture called The Sacred Winter Swan

She is made of fabric entirely and is hand painted in pale coffee/pink

Her feathers are hand cut and cover her needle sculpted wings and neck

On her face I sewn in some delicate lace embroidery and silver sequins,

and she wears a lace ruff around her neck.

On her chest I made the swan a textile heart inspired by both the sacred heart and the human heart.

It is also needle sculpted and painted in raspberry pink and gold.

Milky beads are sewn around the heart’s edges

This Swan Doll is now available in my store

swan doll

swan doll

sacred heart sculpture


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