Fairytale picturebook in the making…

Bride of the Woods illustration wip3

I hope you are all keeping warm and cozy.
I just wanted to share a new project I am working on and am super excited about! It is something I have been wanting to do since childhood, which is to create a picture book of my wee tales,

the same tales I have used for many of my dolls and textile pieces. Some of you have already pointed out this potential, for which I thank you, as it has been that push in the back I needed to just get started with it already
This is the first illustration in progress of ‘The Bride of the Woods’
‘t will be the only picture of this book I am sharing here, as to keep it all wrapped up in secrets..
So I am leaving you with my Bride who went off alone to live in the woods with the wolves…🌲
Have a good day dear ones! xxx
P x

Bride of the Woods illustration wip2Bride of the Woods illustration wip10

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