Whimsical Art Prints to make your wall look really dreamy

What does Pantovola do on a regular Saturday night?

…fine tuning her shop!

Adjusting this and that and the other.. a typical Saturday night I would say!

Anyway, I wanted to share with you the fact that I have lovely giclée art prints available there,

they are quality reproductions of my original paintings. These prints are produced by Alden Fine Print & Co. on textured, acid free Art Paper using archival pigment inks. So there you go

I would like to show you some of my paintings and prints in this post,

with their little stories

xx P xx

witchy art

witchy art print
The Spirit of the Witch

The Spirit of the Witch

….When the Witch lay down in the cold soil of the woodlands,
flowers in her pale white hands,
a full moon lit up the sky and the wolves came howling through the night
The Spirit of the Witch, who died in the Woods,
rose up into the sky through the chimney of her wooden house,
and united there with the eternal light of the stars and the spirits

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folklore painting

macabre wedding art
The Wedding

The Wedding

….On the day of his wedding,
the dapper groom went looking for his bride
She was not at her dressing table,
nor was she in the kitchen,
she was not tending to her kittens,
purring by their bed side

with her flowers still in hand
She had crawled into the ground
To be there by herself forever
Never to be found…

Find giclée prints of this painting here

dreamy art

dreamy illustration
Moth Fae

…A Moth Fairy in Victorian dress flies above a rooftop
where a white wolf is howling into the night sky
Plumes of smoke rise up from the chimney,
reaching out to the moon light
She lets the moths fly with the smoke,
Making one wish for each wing

She wished the wolf would not howl,
but sing…!


Find giclée prints of this painting here

folklore art

women who run with wolves
La Loba

La Loba (Wolf Woman)

In Mexican Folklore,
La Loba (or Wolf Woman)
collects the bones of the animals and brings their spirits back to life

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