Les Sorcières d’Été

Summer is in full swing,
and the three witch sisters Peregrine, Floreal and Sage have collected their herbs in the glorious sun drenched fields.
Peregrine, the oldest of the three, is often referred to as La Gardienne Des Âmes Perdues
(The Keeper of Lost Souls)
This is due to the fact that she always collects little keepsakes wherever she goes.
She calls them her ‘little lost souls’
They are memories of places and people lost in distant histories of an older world to which these things once belonged.
She stitches them all onto her skirt so they will never be lost again.

Lady Peregrine
Keeper of Lost Souls

Her younger sister, Floreal, is known as La Sorcière d’Amour Perdu
or The Witch of Lost Love
This gentle and melancholic soul lives inside the memories of her love long lost
She keeps the delicate words written by her ‘amant perdu’
stitched upon her silk dress,
so to keep him close always and never to forget the long summer evenings spent together in the green gardens of their youth.

Witch of Lost Love

The youngest of the three sisters is Sage La Petite Sorcière des Fleurs
or The Little Witch of the Flowers
She is a fierce believer of beauty and the good and more beautiful than any blossom or bloom herself.
But she feels a great sadness in knowing that nothing good or beautiful can ever remain.
So at the end of summer she collects the flowers from the evening fields,
just before their budding petal heads go to sleep.
She puts them safely away in her flower press so to preserve their beauty and to keep the memory of summer alive when the winter months cover the days in darkness once again

The Little Witch of the Flowers

This wee collection of dolls has been a real pleasure to create.
Having a good excuse to collect more antique textiles and trinkets has been a delight as always!
Especially this gorgeous piece of genuine Edwardian silk with hand embroidered flowers made me very happy

Sage in the making

To give these dolls an extra summer dimension,
I filled their bloomers with dried herbs; chamomile, sage, basil and elder flower
To me scent and smell does so much, it can create an entire world, an atmosphere,
bring back memories long forgotten, and change the way I feel.
So to add these beautiful scents to my dolls is something I would like to do more often!

I hope you like this new collection,
they are now available in my shop
Thanks for reading and stay well x P x



  1. Such wonderful dolls! I love the stories you create for them too.

  2. Constance

    Amazing work Anouk! Les Sorcières d’Été…each creation so delegate, dear, poetic and heartfelt. Thank you for your dolls, your stories and sharing your imagination. Hope you also stay well too !

  3. Beautiful dolls and stories. Thank you for sharing them with us.

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