The Lovely Chimney Ghost

The Lovely Chimney Ghost

Deep inside the Old Green Woods
By the ancient pine
Stands a solitary house
its structure built so fine
With clay and straw and stone
‘T was built by hands long gone
Withstood the test of time
This house so small and strong

‘T is said back in the day,
children went to play
But now the sun has set
‘T is the playground of the dead
From the chimney every night
She rises up like smoke
Her face so pale, her dress so white
Quite the fright she does evoke!

Yet I do not fear or dread
That lady in the sky
Whom under moon and stars
Through the night does fly

For when my time is through
The Earth no more my host
I wish I too become
A lovely chimney ghost




  1. Beautiful ghost and poem. Thank you for sharing x

  2. Hazel Vicary

    Beautiful poem and incredibly beautiful piece of work to go with it…. lovely to look at in these dark times…

  3. Sandra Leech

    Thank you for this evocative poem , quite unusual and imaginative. I clearly receive a sense of the smoke as it unfurls from the ancient chimney into the night air reaching into the dark sky.

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