The Stay at Home Fairy

Stay at Home Fairy

Hello lovelies,
I hope you are all well and fine and safe
I made this doll sculpture with mixed media and called her
“The Stay at Home Fairy”
Written a poem to go with it too

“The Poem of The Stay at Home Fairy”

Dream little house, dream
of open field and bird filled sky,
where cloud shadows chase
the sunlight dancing
O’er the roofs
they’re passing by
Two turtledoves romancing

The smell of promise
a budding flower, for each hour
the memory of people dancing

And whilst outside
the cloaked man lurks
and creeps invisibly
To catch my breath
Or perhaps my death
I close my ears to his Ninth Symphony

But the melody’s been written
By heart of moon and stars its known
Yet with life my heart is smitten
now that the seed of death is sown

So keep me, have me, little house
Within your walls I’ll be
Until one day, but not for long,
I’ll sing the song of destiny

Pantovola 2020

Thank you for reading x P x


  1. Hello dear, lovely home fairy. May you keep safe, greetings😘

  2. Constance

    Beautiful sculpture, tender poem and lovely you!
    xox Constance

  3. Beautiful fairy and beautiful words. Thank you so much for this!

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