The Bellhouse Fairy

This is the little tale of a special Fairy
who on the longest night of the year,
does her beautiful magic.
When the humans have laid their heads on their pillows,
and the animals roam the woodlands for prey,
The Bellhouse Fairy takes her big golden bell and flies over the houses in search for one lucky home.
Each year she will pick one house, yet it is not known in which way she chooses it.
But when she has chosen one,
the quiet listeners among us may hear her billowing skirt covered in smaller bells,
ring gently in the wind.
Then when the owl howls at midnight,
the Bellhouse Fairy rings her big golden bell over the roof of this lucky home,
dispensing the finest star-like gold dust,
as if she were sprinkling icing sugar over a Bundt cake.
And with it she sends out a blessing onto this home,
of good fortune for that year to come.

“The Bell House Fairy” textile sculpture

This little tale is part my Christmas collection 2019.
The textile sculpture I have made of her can be seen above,
and it is now available in my shop
I also painted an illustration of her, as seen below,
which is available as beautiful giclée reproductions here

“The Bell House Fairy” Art Print

For now, I would like to thank you for following me here on my blog,
and take the opportunity to wish you a beautiful season!
Stay warm and cozy, and uhm… keep an ear out for that special bell … !
x Anouk x

Christmas Collection 2019

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  1. Constance

    Your tale and art of the Bell House Fairy is what makes Christmas magical ! Thank you!

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