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Giclée Art Prints of Textile Sculptures

Good morning! Because I received so many positive reactions to some particular pieces of my Christmas collection (thanks very much) I decided to offer them as Giclée Art Prints. I have made prints available of ‘The Ghost House‘ and ‘The Bride in the Woods’ They are beautifully produced on Hahnemuhle Photorag by Alden Fine Print, using only genuine pigment inks, which makes these prints outstanding in quality and light fast for at least 75 yrs. These prints come in two different sizes and can be purchased as separate prints or as a duo set at a slightly discounted price. You…

fairytale art

Christmas Collection 2017

Fairytale Textile Art dolls and Sculptures inspired by tales of Moth Fairies, Ghosts and Woodland Animals.. Hello there! This is my new blog page where I will update you with all my fairytale art dolls and textile sculptures plus any news that could be of interest to you. To start this off, I have just released my Christmas 2017 Collection yesterday, comprising of ten lovingly handmade textile doll sculptures that live in the foggy woodlands of my imagination. Each doll has its own little tale to tell, and I will share some of them here. So, this collection is hugely…

New Dolls that live in a box

I have just made a whole bunch of magical characters, they are made of textile (as usual..) and are hand painted. They are kind of jointed dolls in the sense that their limbs are separate from the bodies and attached by string and buttons. The can be hung from a wall and decorate any room to add some fairytales to it.. Please meet: Felice Fox The Little Sad Mermaid The Little Moth Fae Moon Boy Sibylle Bear The Ghost of Madam Violet The Little Wolf Witch Only a few left in my shop!

Malmhìn Moth Fae

This is the beautiful Malmhìn, she is a magical Moth Fairy I made her in a slightly new way, creating her cloth body parts in different pieces and connecting them with a ‘web’ of string which is visible and part of her aesthetic. I also hung moths made of card covered in fabrics, paint, gold powder, paint and varnish, from her arms and body with strings.  

Working on …

Today I am working on one of the final pieces for the ever so secret collection which will be released in October in a someplace special! I can’t wait to share with you the new dolls I have created for this, but will have to be a little patient still In the mean time I will be posting little sneak peaks of their progress though  

thank you

Wanted to say a big big THANK YOU to all of you who support me here. It really means a lot to me! I recently decided to work as an artist 100%, giving up my part time job and focusing only on making and selling my dolls and soft sculptures. It is terrifying and inspiring at the same time… But it is only because of you people out here that I feel confident enough to do this, for which I am very grateful! Creating has always been my one and only passion, it is the reason I get up in…