Christmas Collection 2017

Fairytale Textile Art dolls and Sculptures inspired by tales of Moth Fairies, Ghosts and Woodland Animals..

Hello there!

This is my new blog page where I will update you with all my fairytale art dolls and textile sculptures plus any news that could be of interest to you.

To start this off, I have just released my Christmas 2017 Collection yesterday,

comprising of ten lovingly handmade textile doll sculptures that live in the foggy woodlands of my imagination. Each doll has its own little tale to tell, and I will share some of them here.

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So, this collection is hugely inspired by my new homeland which lies at the salty ankles of the Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by misty woodlands and foggy hills.

My mind has been racing with ideas since I am here, there seems to be something magical hiding around each corner I look, and my fingers are constantly itching to translate what I see here into a doll, a sculpture, an illustration, a tale..

So that is what I have been trying to do with this here collection, I hope you will enjoy it…

Fairytale art dolls and textile sculptures
Wood Elves

“…These thick woods are surely inhabited by Wood Elves. They possess a small amount of magic, which they can use by waving their Moth Wand to the moon when she is full. However, they have been granted only small amounts of magic and must be aware to use it wisely. Therefor the Wood Elves only make small wishes, such as the comfort of a burning wood fire when they return home early morning, and a warm cup of cinnamon milk by their bedside…”

fabric art dolls
Moth Fairies

“…These Moth Fairies are called Babyll and Lyvvly, they are magical creatures who come out by night, only when the moon shines full and bright in the sky.
They fly with their magic moths which the Moth Fairies use to bring good fortune to those who they favor.
The older and wiser the Fairy, the more moths she possesses, the more magic and well wishes she can make.
So next time you see a moth in your bathroom window,
think twice about what to do with it, as it might be one of the Moth Fairie’s Moths,
and if she likes you, she may need that moth to wish you well…”

art doll
the Haunted Hunter

“…In a small village within these deep dark woods, lived a Hunter.
He was tall and dapper and adored by many.
When he announced his marriage to the most beautiful girl of the village,
the old witch, who had adored the Hunter from a distance,
was terribly heartbroken.
She cast a spell upon the poor young bride to be,
and turned her into a big hairy wolf!
The next day,
when the hunter went out into the woods he saw the wolf that was following him,
and he shot it dead.
But when he went closer to fetch the animal,
he saw it was wearing his young bride’s gown and pearl ring..
and from that day on,
the hunter was haunted by a ghostly, beautiful wolf in a veil,
harrowing and howling by his bedroom window each night…”

fairytale art dolls
Wolf Maiden

“…In the misty woods by the ocean lives Wolf Maiden.
She does not speak but howl,
she does not sleep in a bed but on the moss by the old oak tree.
As a young child she walked out of the grey city she lived in,
she walked for one day, two days, three days, four..
until the skyline of concrete became a skyline of treetops.
There she grew up wild among the wolves and the elves…”

fairytale art
Bride of the Woods

“…There once was a girl,
who did not fancy a groom.
She wanted to live alone in the woods,
where she could sleep in silence under the evergreens.
But in her time, a maiden had to become a bride,
so one day she slipped into her most beautiful white dress,
that was made of lace and pearls.
She left the village and went into the woods.
There she looked for the most wonderful tree and offered her hand to it,
and some shiny gifts.
She promised the tree to stay there with it forever and ever,
and so she has.
No one has ever seen the Bride of the Woods,
but it is said that sometimes at dusk,
a reflection of her bright white dress can be seen,
shining through the thicket of her beloved woods,
in the pale light of the rising moon…”

fairytale art
The Ghost House

“…In these deep dark woods also stood an old house,
and it may have looked like any old house you would find in the woods.
However it was said that at night,
when the moon shone full and bright above the roof,
a window would open,
and long silk curtains would blow out into the crisp nights air,
carrying in it a beautiful, sleeping maiden…”

textile owls
Regal Owls

“…The Regal Owls live in an old castle on the hill above the woods.
The castle once was inhabited by kings, queens, princes and princesses,
but one night a big storm blew through the forest and over the hill,
taking with it the golden roof tops of the castle and spitting rain into the velvet beds of everyone who lived there.
The castle seemed ruined for the human kings and queens,
and they moved out in a rush.
But for the Owls the castle seemed rather perfect,
and they now live there in the castle with its open roofs,
under the star filled night sky…”

Thank you for viewing!

This collection of fairytale art dolls is available in my shop

only a few pieces are remaining!

More pictures of each piece can be viewed in my portfolio

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